rick-teaching-photoRick VanMatre has presented master classes and workshops at universities and conferences across the United States and in Europe, China, Thailand, and Brazil. His experience as a professor at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, 27 of those years as Director of Jazz Studies, gives him the breadth of knowledge and teaching techniques to offer practical strategies as well as aesthetic guidance to students of widely varying backgrounds.

Rick VanMatre offers Master Classes, Workshops, and Residencies in Saxophone and Jazz.

Other Special Presentations Include:

  • Achieving Balance and Contrast in Free Improvisation
  • Jazz Saxophone Phrasing and Muffle-Tongue Techniques
  • Varieties of Swing Feel and Beat Placement
  • The Difference in Oral Cavity and Embouchure in Jazz vs. Classical Saxophone
  • Making Your Conducting More Hip
  • Philosophical Approaches to Jazz Pedagogy
  • Developing Curricula in College Jazz Programs